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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Assume the Position with Mr. Wuhl

Again, my boyfriend comes to my rescue by finding awesome video clips online that are perfect to share with you all here on my blog. I may be a little late to the party on this one, but I still found it extremely funny (and true) – and if you don’t have HBO you may not have seen this one.

There was a two part comedy documentary style show that HBO put on called Assume the Position with Mr. Wuhl. The first part was aired in 2006 and the second part was 2007 (see what I mean about being a little late?!). In essence the show looks at things we take for granted in American history and digs a little deeper into these stories. You will be absolutely dying laughing. The first episode is based on History as Pop Culture and the second episode is History is Based on a True Story.

Let me tell you, if I had a college history class like this, I would never have missed one day!

Below you will find the entire episodes of part 1 and 2. Enjoy and let me know your thoughts!

FYI - there is some use of swearing throughout these videos - so just keep that in mind while watching or before letting your kids watch it.

Assume the Position – Part 1

Assume the Position 201 – Part 2

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  1. Really clever and entertaining to mix history and comedy! You're right -- I would have loved a college professor like that! Another funny history/comedy series is the BlackAdder BBC comedy show--really old. (I learned about BlackAdder from Lauren Willig's website). The first season begins in the Middle Ages and my favorite is the third season, the Regency Era...hilarious. Youtube and Amazon have clips. Thanks for the smile today!

  2. Joanne - I will have to go check out that comedy show - it sounds fabulous!

  3. I ran across these a little while ago too, maybe a year ago? Anyway, I LOVE THEM! It's both funny, and educational. I already knew a lot of what I had seen, but I still loved the approach and I think people would pick stuff like this up more easily if it was always presented like this!

  4. Crystal - I too think that people would retain history better if it was fun!

  5. Oh, my. I can appreciate this show and the presentation. Afraid I am the wrong generation to appreciate the language. My son who is in his twenties will no t mind at all. I have always believed that the more you "entertain" when you teach, the more the students will remember.

  6. Librarypat - I actually had thought I about putting a language disclaimer in this post, and I guess I forgot about it. I will add that in now, sorry. It did hit me at first too (and I am in my twenties), but it is HBO and that is what they love to do too. I think that a lot of teachers approach the subject of history in a totally dry way. Especially with today's generation of students who are so connected to the web and media - I think that teachers need to step it up in order to keep their attention.


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