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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

TV Show Review: Robin Hood Season 2

Robin Hood
Season 2
Rated: PG

While I thought that Season 1 was great, Season 2 was even better! By now we already know our heroes, or do we? Is there a traitor in their midst? If so, who is it and why are they doing it?

Marion and Robin try to give it a go – at least more so than in Season 1 – but I was left missing some of their squabbling – not that there isn’t any in Season 2! I have never been a huge Gisborne fan, but this season his character felt very lost to me. I think he is supposed to be conflicted between his emotions for Marion and his duty to the Sheriff, but it wasn’t quite there for me. All of the characters grew and evolved throughout this season in very appropriate ways. The events that take place actually seem to be effecting them.

In this season there are scenes that take place in England as well as in The Holy Land. I thought that the scenery was terrific and beautiful. There were some great fight scenes and as always some daring escapes.

The season finale will be a three hanky episode as was the season finale of Season 1 – but this one will definitely hit harder. Just be prepared. I’m not sure that I will like Season 3 that much because of how Season 2 ended. I feel like there will certainly be something missing and that it might not have the same feel to it, but I have hope. Season 3 is the last season so I’m hoping that everything gets wrapped up and not left hanging.

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  1. We saw an episode of Robin Hood on the BBC when we were in London last year and thought it looked like something would we enjoy so when we got home I found out the library had them. We liked it a lot and were sorry to see it got cancelled...

  2. Daphne - I'm sorry it was cancelled too, but when the main character wants to move on to other things...

  3. Season three is a good season. Just when I thought I was going to be disappointed, they righted the ship, and went along smoothly. The end of Season 3 is also a tear jerker, more so than I thought. That's all I can say.
    I should rewatch these. They were so good!

  4. Jenny! Thanks for telling me that season 3 is good - I am very nervous about it. I haven't bought the season yet but I am working on it!

  5. Wish I got this channel.


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