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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Radio Anecdotes from WWII

I was trying to think what would be the most appropriate post to go along with The Postmistress review when I had an epiphany. With a bulk of the novel revolving around Frankie’s news reports from the Blitz and Germany and France, wouldn’t it be great if we could hear some of these sorts of broadcasts? I was able to find a couple very good sources of WWII radio broadcasts, from both the United States and British reporters and some of the events are very similar to those featured in the story. Please click on the links below to take you right to the page for that radio broadcast.

A young boy describes surviving a bombing – from BBC

Message from HRH Elizabeth to the evacuees and their hosts – from BBC

Broadcast describing tube station shelters in London – from BBC

Children in Canada get to talk to parents still in London via radio – from BBC

Edward R. Murrow reporting from a London rooftop during the Blitz – from OTR.com

I hope listening to these clips have helped to put you into the mindset of the time. Partnered with the book, I think it really enhances the experience.

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  1. Very cool! Thanks for posting!!

  2. Thank you for the remarkable links!

  3. What an awesome idea Heather! Thanks for the cool links!

  4. I clicked on several of the other clips. The ones of the air raid sirens and the London bombings gave a very real sense of being there.

  5. Meant to say thank you for the link to this site. I will be going back and listening to more clips.

  6. The clips just make it so very real and puts you more into the life of the time.

    Librarypat - the air raid siren and bombing were really creepy - it made my skin crawl.

    There are many other good clips at both sites, I just picked a few, but do go check them out if interested!

  7. This is a great idea -- what excellent clips you shared!!

  8. It reminds me of what XM radio did on their 40's station for dates like June 6th and December 7th. They would break into a classic jazz number by Glen Miller or such and play actual broadcasts from DC and London for the D-Day Invasion saying we have word our boys are there. Then in sequential time order keep up the broadcasts throughout the day, like you were really reliving it. It was so powerful and moving, my husband and I would get so immersed in it. They didn't do it this past June 6th and we were very disappointed and hope they will bring it back because let's face it that is one the closet ways any of us will ever get to feeling what our parents and grandparents felt. I can't wait to share these broadcasts with him.
    Thanks Heather!

  9. I don't have XM radio, but that sounds cool. What a way to really sortof relive the past! Thanks for sharing that!


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