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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

TV Show Review: Robin Hood Season 1

Robin Hood
Season 1
Rated: PG

Everyone knows the story of Robin Hood and every few years a new show or movie comes out to tell his tale. I for one, have always thought of him as the mythical man who made all the ladies swoon and never really thought of him as having a “real” life - season 1 has really changed my mind!

In this series, Robin Hood is played by Jonas Armstrong, and he definitely has the cute factor I have always envisioned. In comparison with the upcoming Robin Hood film starring Russell Crowe, I think that Jonas has more of the look I have attributed to this hero. In fact, every actor was perfectly cast in their roles – not only for looks, but for personality as well. Before this show I didn’t know the names of anyone in his band except Robin and Little John – but now I know Allan-A-Dale and Will Scarlet. And the sheriff is wonderfully awful! Robin and Marion had great chemistry and they were great to watch together in their scenes. I don’t know if I can pick my favorite character – it’s a really close call between Robin and Allan.

One of the things that first struck me every time I watched an episode was how everything has a tint of green and it gives it such a brilliant look. It makes the forest look more magical. I also liked how the theme song was used throughout the episodes – something to connect with and carry through the episode.

My biggest complaint with the show is the costuming of Marion. I envision beautiful dresses befitting her rank – but much of the time she is wearing pants. While watching one of the special features they explained how this was done on purpose to make it more contemporary – but…I wished they had not done so. It just felt out of place for me because the rest of the cast looked appropriate. I loved watching this show, but it sometimes felt very slow; you would watch 2 episodes and feel like nothing had happened.

Another thing that I learned from this season was that Robin Hood had been to fight in the Crusades. Like I said before, I never thought of him as anything other than the hero. It was nice to learn some back story about how he became who he was. I cannot wait to watch season 2!

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  1. I LOVE this show! Marion to me is strapped for cash in this series. Everything being taxed by the Sheriff. I thought the actors were very well cast. Richard Armitage = HOT!
    The theme song does bring everything together, and yes, there are a few throw away episodes.

    Wait until you get to Season 2!!!!
    This is a series I would re-watch anytime.

  2. My husband and I love this show! The guy they have playing the sheriff is perfect and a hoot to watch. I understand what you mean about Marion - she can be a little too modern at times, but the show overall is a lot of fun.

  3. And the best part of this series - his hotness Guy of Gisborne!

  4. JennyGirl - I have to agree about the strapped for cash part! haha.

    Daphne - This is one show that I like that I was actually able to convince my boyfriend to watch and he loves it to!

    Marg - I find myself being more of a Robin fan - but Guy's not bad to look at either.

  5. I've been watching the series on Netflix (that way you can just watch episode after episode in one long, lazy weekend). Agree that Marian is just too modern. Her camouflage dress sort of sent me over the edge. But Richard Armitage more than makes up for any costume quibbles I might have.

    And is it just me, or does the Sheriff remind you of Billy Joel?

  6. Oh Christine I totally agree - I wouldn't have put together the connection myself, but now that you say that, he does look like Billy Joel!

  7. HI Heather,
    This is from an interview with Frances Tempest the award winning costume designer on the BBC’s Robin Hood and this is her discussing Marian’s costume:

    AWW: And Marian had that sort of cardigan look.

    FT: Well, Lucy Griffiths, Marian in real life, was very young. Foz's idea was that Marian should wear the kind of clothes that the teenage girl audience would want to go and buy. He wanted to do a fashion range and put it in Top Shop and call it the Maid Marian range. And I'm glad to say that never happened, but that was his thinking.

    AWW: You could have made some money off that.

    FT: Well in fact, I did get letters from girls saying "where did Marian get her green jumper? I want one like that." There was a big change with her between series one and two. In series one, she was quite demure, quite covered up. I wouldn't use the word authentic, but she was a tribute towards the medieval.

    But then Foz wanted a much more sexy Marian in series two. He wanted her to look older and more womanly and more shapely. And more seductive. There's only so much you can do with a costume, because she was only 18.

    So we established our central core of characters. There would obviously be new characters coming in. And we were shooting two episodes simultaneously all the time. So, on any one day, you could be doing scenes from two episodes which gave everybody a nervous breakdown. You had to make sure the right people were in the right clothes at the right time.

    The whole interview can be seen on Allen Wright’s Bold Robin Hood web site.

  8. I love this series too. I watched this season and the other two's when they aired on BBC, and now I'am waiting for my dvdbox of season two.

    You are so right about Marian! That was a little weird and somethimes just annoying when she arrived at the scene with pants on. Gosh! :)


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