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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Movie Review: Fingersmith

Sally Head Productions
181 minutes
March 27, 2005
Rated: Not Rated - but I would give it a PG/PG-13

Fingersmith was a two part television miniseries brought to you by the BBC. This movie is based on the 2002 book of the same name by author Sarah Waters.

This movie is set in Victorian England. A young fingersmith (thief), Sue, goes in on a plot with a man to swindle money from a local heiress, Maud. Sue becomes Maud’s maid while trying to help her fall into their plot. Sue’s problem is that she has a conscience and feels bad about ruining the life of this girl whom she has befriended. When it comes time to conclude the plot and put Maud into the mad house - things get turned upside down and the swindle plan radically changes for all of the characters. The first half of the miniseries is seen from Sue's perspective and the second half is from Maud's perspective.

This movie follows the plot of the book very closely. The book is broken down into sections narrated by Sue and by Maud, which the movie repeats. I am very thankful that the movie follows the plot of the book because the book is so well written. I don’t think I have seen another movie that sticks to the plot of the proceeding book with such success. I think other movie makers should take note! There is drama and amazing characterization. The Victorian world is marvelously depicted on the screen.

I have come to expect great movies from the BBC and this one does not disappoint! I would recommend this to anyone who has read the book (you will not regret it) or to anyone who would enjoy a Victorian mystery caper.

Here is the trailer to the film - but beware, it gives away many of the twists. If you stop it at about the 1 minute mark, it will give you a taste without giving away anything.

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  1. Have heard good things about this BBC production. It is too bad that the previews and chat have revealed the story's unexpected twist. It is much better when it catches you completely by surprise.

  2. So glad to know this movie is good! I have had the book forever but have not read it yet...I think I will do so as soon as I get a chance to :)

  3. Is this currently airing on the BBC channel, or is it on DVD? I've heard so much about the book, but never seem to get to it!


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