I have updated my review and giveaway policies page (now just titled Policies above). If you are entering a giveaway, please read and abide by the applicable policy.

I am no longer an Amazon Associate. I am currently working on updating my posts with links to various locations to buy books. One of the links I am including is to RJ Julia - this is my favorite local independent book store. You can shop their store online and have access to pretty much anything you are looking for. I do not have any affiliation with any of these sites - just looking to support my local indie book store.

Anyone looking for a new feed reader? My recommendation is Bloglovin'. I made the switch and love the layout, plus there is now an app for my phone. If you use Bloglovin' or have made the switch to another feed reader, please make sure you are following me on it so you miss none of the content here!

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Here is a listing of all of the challenges I am/have taken part in with links to them. They will be updated as the challenges are completed


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2009 Read and Review Challenge

Read Your Own Books Challenge

The Four Month Challenge

2009 Audiobook Challenge

A Well Rounded Challenge

August Reading Challenge


Women's Murder Club Challenge

Period Drama Challenge

French Revolution Mini Challenge

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2010 Read Your Own Books Challenge

Historical Fiction Reading Challenge

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2010 Royal Mistress Challenge

Jean Plaidy Challenge 2010

French Historicals Oh-La-La! Challenge

Blog Improvement Project

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The Stephanie Plum Reading Challenge

Art History Reading Challenge

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Four Month Challenge Part 5

2011 Support Your Local Library

Historical Tour De Genre Reading Challenge

What's In A Name? 4 Challenge

Strong Women Challenge

2011 ARC Reading Challenge

Whisper Stories in My Ear Audiobook Challenge

Chivalrous Deeds Challenge

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Four Month Challenge Part 7


European Reading Challenge 2012

2012 ARC Reading Challenge

Truth in Fiction Reading Challenge

Historical Fiction 2012 Reading Challenge

2012 Mammoth Books Challenge

Non-Fiction (Non Memoir) 2012 Reading Challenge

2012 Audio Book Challenge

Fairy Tales Retold Challenge

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Four Month Challenge Part 9

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2013 Ebook Challenge

2013 Audio Book Challenge

War Through the Generations: American Revolution

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